“Having someone come to my place of employment has helped me overcome the ‘…oh, I just don’t have time…’ problem. Knowing that I will be seeing my health coach regularly helps keep me honest! She is always supportive without being judgmental.” – Wellness Coaching Client


“The Exercise Motivation Workshop was very helpful and effective. I have been able to successfully increase my workout sessions from 2 to 5 times per week!” – Workplace Wellness Program Participant


“Someone asked me the other day exactly what was the benefit of a health coach, did it really make a difference. I had to answer honestly that “Yes it does.” I will still make bad choices in what and how much I eat, only now I no longer have the excuse of ignorance. I am fully aware of the wrong choices I make and the consequences of my actions. That is very empowering.” – Wellness Coaching Client


“I really enjoyed the classes and learning new vital information. The information that was given was helpful and taught the class realistic tips and how to utilize the information at home, or in a restaurant.” – Workplace Wellness Program Participant


“I had been looking for personal attention for quite a while and when this offer came through our school I jumped at the chance. I had been going to meeting after meeting before and nothing worked. This personal attention is what I feel is bringing me closer to my goal than I have been in a long time. The hours are extremely flexible and there is no pressure. Invaluable information is sent through emails and my “nutritionist” is only a click away!” – Wellness Coaching Client


“I was hesitant to spend time in a “coaching session”. I was so happy to learn new things when I met with you.  I have often been disappointed with sessions, classes or seminars because the obvious was often stated and I didn’t learn anything new. You were very kind and I appreciated both the academic approach as well as your personal approach. It was a nice balance. I left feeling like I learned some things and I am inspired to continue my approach to a healthier lifestyle. I look forward to the next meeting. “– Wellness Coaching Client


“My A1C dropped to 5.1 and my liver tests are normal again. My cholesterol is moving in the right direction now and I’m half way to my weight loss goal! Thanks for your guidance.” – Wellness Coaching Client


“Your classes have been so helpful and informative and I have really taken them to heart. One thing I have been trying to work on is reading ingredients. Thank you for all of your help and information.”  – Workplace Wellness Program Participant


“Just wanted to share the exciting news: I passed the 10 lb. mark.  Thanks for how you’ve been helping me so far, I appreciate it!”  – Wellness Coaching Client

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